Kaju Rice

Kaju Rice

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

"Kaju" in the Urdu language refers to Cashews, which happen to be one of the nutritious nuts and also the most beautiful looking nut. This is a recipe that is easy to follow, quick to make and is very fragrant and rich all at the same time. The fried onions and the fried cashews add a unique touch to it.  When it comes to cooking food, the cooking technique would make a big difference in the way the food tastes, looks and the fond memories it can make. You could actually make your rice look as good as mine with a handful of ingredients that you might already have. Read on and see how easy it is to recreate it in your kitchen.


Basmati Rice: 1cup, soaked for 30 minutes
Water 4-5 cups
Salt-2-3 tsps
Clarified butter-2-3tbs
Oil- 1/2 cup to fry onions
Green Cardamoms-4
Cinnamon Sticks-4 pieces, small
Fresh mint leaves-5-8
Fresh Cilantro-a handful
Green Pepper-4, small
Onions-1 large, sliced and fried until golden brown
Cashews-a handful, fried until golden brown


1. Boil water in a fairly large pot and add salt, mint leaves, cilantro, green peppers, cloves, cardamoms, and the cinnamon sticks.

2. When the water starts to give out fragrance, add the soaked rice and cook al dente, that is cooked just enough and not all the way through.

3. At this point, drain all the water from the rice using a colander and put it back on the stove over a medium heat.

4. Drizzle the clarified butter all over the rice and place a tight-fitting lid, wrapped in a kitchen towel and allow the rice to finish cooking until you see the steam escape through the lid.

5. Turn off the stove and allow the rice to sit for 10 minutes.

6. Remove the lid, use a fork to fluff the grains of rice and transfer the desired amount of rice onto a serving platter.

7. Garnish the rice with fried onions, fried cashews and some leaves of cilantro.

8. Enjoy!

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