Tuna Cutlets

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

These tuna cutlets are a perfect choice  to go with some plain white rice and some some tangy lentil soup on a grey winter afternoon. When served to guests over a dinner party, these would get a lot of attention, as they look cute and taste delicious.  Increase the spice level or or decrease it, add an ingredient in a bigger quantity or skip any completely.  However you choose to make it, you will love to make it over and over again.


Canned Tuna-3 smalls cans, drained
Salt- to taste
Red Pepper powder-to taste
Turmeric powder-1 tsp
Garam Masala-1 tsp
Ginger-Garlic Paste-1 tsp
Egg-1 whole
Cilantro-1 tbs, chopped
Mint leaves-1 tbs, chopped
Lemon Juice-2 tbs
Corn Starch-2 tbs
Sliced Onions- to garnish
Lemon wedges-to garnish
 Oil-A couple tablespoons


1, Put the all the ingredients in a bowl except the oil and give it a good mix.

2. Take a small portion  of  the tuna mixture and form a  firm patty between the  palms and set aside.

3.  Continue making the patties until all the mixture is over.

 4. Heat a pan on medium -high heat  and pour a tablespoon full of oil and use a spoon to coat  the pan with the oil.

5. Gently place each patty onto the pan and cook until it turns a crispy golden brown on the side it was cooked.

6. Drizzle a few drops on the uncooked side and flip it to the other side and cook to the same color and crispiness.

7. Transfer to a serving plate as they get done.

8. Garnish with sliced onions a lemon wedge and some fresh mint leaves.



  1. uff... they look super tempting, MaShaAllah...

  2. It's so funny, the day you posted this I was taking pictures of my own Tuna cutlets :) Small world!

  3. Aww Henna, I can't wait to try your version of the Tuna Cutlets in sha Allah.


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