Popped Amaranth Grain

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Amaranth grains are really small and beautiful looking grains, loaded with nutrition. As a child, I have seen amaranth grains being given to our love birds, have eaten  popped amaranth brittle and also eaten amaranth leaves in stir-fries. When I found these tiny grains at our local health food store, I bought them and called my Mom to ask her for the possibilities of cooking them. She gave me a long list and I am gonna share them with you as I keep trying them out.

For now, here is a how-to post on making your own popped amaranth. It takes only few seconds to pop this grain and you could get creative and incorporate this goodness in your daily diet.


Amaranth Grain-as needed


1. Heat a steel pot with tight fitting lid( preferably a glass lid to see the seeds pop) on high heat.

2. Add a table spoon of the grain into the pot and cover it with the lid and shake the pot around until you hear the popping sound.

3. When the popping sound stops, remove the lid and transfer them to a plate.


- The grains pop too quickly, so act quickly or you will end up with burnt grains.

-Secure the pot with a lid or you will have a big mess to clean up:)


  1. what do u have with this, dear?

    1. You could have it by itself, as a breakfast cereal with milk, and many more.

  2. healthy idea, perfect snack :)


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