Mixed Berry Ginger Smoothie

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

If you are anything like me, and love combinations different textures and flavors in one place, this smoothie will be a treat for you. The frozen mixed berries when blended with milk, make a smooth and creamy mixture with a lot of seeds to chew on. Each sip you sip, hits the entire mouth with a spicy and  gingery heat through the the sweet goodness. This has become my new favorite smoothie among all of the ones posted on my blog so far. On a side note, I like to buy frozen organic berries without the syrup, and also freeze the fresh ones when possible This helps to achieve the perfect texture for a smoothie and you will not even need extra ice cubes.


Mixed berries-2 cups
Honey-1 tbs
Milk-1-2 cups
Ginger-2 tbs( cut into julienne)


1. Blend together all the ingredients until frothy.

2. Pour into serving glasses and garnish with julienne cut ginger.

3. Enjoy!


  1. yummmy... this really looks so good... love ur smoothy series... :)

  2. ginger and berries! Wowww I would have never thought of that! Sounds delicious and refreshing :)

  3. WANT.

    looks good mashaAllah :)

  4. Healthy n filling smoothie!!

  5. Woww...just luvd ur recipe...
    Do peek into my space too,..
    Have a visual treat wid d exhibition round-up of bloggers n non-bloggers in my blog..
    Do provide ur feedback n support too..


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