Chicken Chapli Kakab

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Dear readers, I had no intention to stay away from my blog this long. There have been a lot of things happening here including the  winter break, travel, family reunions and stuff. While all that was happening, time slipped out of hand very quickly.  I haven't been cooking a whole lot,  more so anything new. The whole process of cooking, taking pics of  and posting the recipes was too intimidating and lacked inspiration to cook. Once I got back to using my laptop, headed to a unique blog with a lot of recipes loaded with clearly written recipes and beautiful pics. And, I quickly folloed her recipe of the chapli kababs and tweaked it to suit my needs and voila, I had the most succulent kababs in minutes. Read on to see how easy they are to make:)


Boneless Chicken breast( ground)- 1 lb
Salt-to taste
Red pepper powder-to taste
Ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp
Jalapeno-1/2 chopped finely
Cilantro-1 tbs, chopped filely
Mint leaves-chopped finely
Onions-1 tbs, chopped finely
Pomegranate seeds-1 tbs, ground
Cumin seeds-1 tsp, roasted and ground
Coriander seeds-1 tbs, roasted and roughly ground
Cornstarch-1 tbs
Egg-1 large
Oil-to shallow fry


1. Mix all the ingredients except the oil and set aside for twenty minutes.

2. Oil your palms and make patties of desired thickness and shapes.

3. Heat a griddle and pour some oil and shallow fry each patty  on both sides until it turns golden brown and is cooked through.

4. Transfer to a serving plate and serve hot with a chutney of your choice.



  1. Assalam..
    looks so devourable.. seriously thinking of making kababs after seeing your pics.. so juicy and succulant!masha allah!

  2. Just drooling over the pics ...looks yum

  3. Super tempting & mouthwatering pics. Love kababs ,wish I could grab one right now. And thanks dear for appreciating my work and for your lovely comment, that means a lot to me :)

  4. this looks amazing! I'm so glad that the recipe worked for you :)

  5. Salaam! These look oh so good. Reminds of the food of my home :') I saw them on her blog too and now saw it on yours. Im giving the recipe to my mum now so she can make these form me. I would have loved to make these myself but im really busy doing nothing :p Anyway love xo

  6. They look great! I love Ninja Naan's blog, too, and she does make really nice recipes as well.. Sorry for the irrelevant question, but do you know how to make appam? Sorry if you've done it on the blog and I haven't seen the post yet, but my friend was telling me it's delicious and so I thought I should try it one day. I don't know what you eat it with though, can you give me some insights? :)

  7. Appam is a kind of a pancake made with fermented rice and coconut milk batter. It is circularin shape, thick in the center and thinner on the outside.

    This is made in a certain region in India and I love the idea of making it myself. However, it requires a deep pan to keep the center thick and spongy. I plan to buy one for myself and I shall post the recipe then insha Allah.


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