Crispy Fried Rice and Black Gram Noodles

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Muruku or fried rice flour noodles were the most common home made snacks we ate as kids. There are  a number of ways Mom made them but she went through the laborious processes of getting the rice and other lentils soaked, washed, dried, ground at a grinding mill. I do have other short cut ways of making it but do not take up such tasks:) However, today I revisited an old blog, only to find an easy recipe of a version of the noodles and even made them. They turned out to be very graceful and delicate noodles. Soft to the bite yet crispy and crunchy. I have followed the recipe closely and have not made any changes and they worth trying.


Rice flour-2 1/2 cups
Urad daal( skinless black gram )-1/2 cup
Water-2 cups  plus some more for kneading
Salt- to taste
Asafoetida-1/8 of a  spoon
Sesame seeds-1 tbs
Oil-for frying


1. Pressure cook the urad daal with 2 cups of water for two whistles and when done, turn off the stove and set aside to cool a little bit.

2.  While the daal is still warm, mash with a wooden spoon and set aside to cool completely.

3. Mix the salt, rice flour, asafoetids, sesame seeds and the mashed daal and knead with some water to make a stiff batter.

4. Heat oil on a medium-high flame and drop a tiny bit of the batter to see if the oil is ready for frying. If the batter immediately rises up, it is hot enough.

 5. Put the batter into the noodle press and press the batter through into the oil in  a continuous circle.

6. You will see oil bubble up while the under side of the noodles is getting fried.

7. Flip the whole batch carefully when the bubbles stop.

8. After a brief minute, you will see that the noodles have turned into a pale yellow color and have become crispy.

9. At this point, remove the noodles with a slotted spoon onot a kitchen towel until excess oil gets absorbed into the towel.

10. Continue with the whole process until the batter is over.

11. Transfer to a air-tight container and it can be saved in it for upto  a week.

12. Enjoy!


  1. Fantastic! How about linking it in to Food on Friday: Pasta and Noodles? Have a great week!

  2. What a wonderful recipe and so different from what I am used to, with techniques that are totally new to me; would love a chance to taste this snack!

  3. Love it. nice crunchy one.

  4. Crispy muruku. Perfect snack.

    I am your new follower.



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