Jowar Ki Roti

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Jowar is a nutritious, gluten free whole grain known as sorghum. It is a rich source of dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, iron etc. Jowar is also known to aid weight-loss and maintain heart health.

When I was growing up,  Mom went through the whole process of buying the best quality of sorghum, getting it cleaned, washed and sun-dried before sending the maid to the grinding mill to get it ground to a fine flour. This was eaten in our house at least once or even twice every day and my grandparents are known to be the healthiest and slim people, active even through their old age. The only person who never ate it was me! I never understood why they ate these pale looking breads so passionately, although I had mastered the art of patting them thin and shaping them round and also cooking them well. I had purchased a bag of jowar flour from the Indian Store recently and managed to make perfect breads for dinner and also ate them:)

The trick in being able to make the sorghum bread is in adding boiling water to a well created with the sorghum flour and mixing it well until it forms a lumpy dough and keeping  it covered. Since it is gluten free, it is not sticky at all. The hot water makes it a little gluey and you could actually pat it with your hand and make a round shape and cook it. If done right, it will have a pocket inside and you could actually stuff it with your choice of vegetables and meat.


Sorghum flour-2 cups plus 1/2 for dusting
Water-1 cup(boiling hot) plus some cold to apply on the surface


1. Put a pan on the stove on high heat.

2. In a round bowl, pour out the sorghum flour and make a well in the center.

3. Pour the boiling water into the well and mix briskly with a wooden spoon and cover with a lid.

4. When ready to start making the sprinkle some water on the hot dough and with your fingers, make a ball.

5. Dust a wooden board or the kitchen counter with some flour and place the dough ball on the flour and start patting it with hand and with the other hand, give the disc a round shape and also seal any cracks that may be caused because of the patting.

6. When the desired shape and thickness is achieved, carefully lift it up and flip it onto the pan with the floured surface facing up.

7. Grab a tablespoon full of water and sprinkle on the bread and spread to cover the entire surface.

8. Once the water dries up, it's time to flip it over. Use a spatula and quickly flip it.

9. After about a minute, flip it one more time and press down with a paper towel.

10. When it puffs up all over, it is time to remove it from the pan and serve.


I have served the jowar ki roti with dill leaves curry.


  1. Looks healthy... never tried this though

  2. i miss jowar ki roti here. it been ages since i made or had jowar ki roti


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