Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Avocados are one of the vegetables that I never saw or even tasted, growing up in India, until I came to the United States thirteen years ago. It did take me a while to start liking it's taste. Then, as I started exploring the healthier side of foods, it's benefits baffled me. Ever since I tend to buy it and use it as much as I can.  I have either eaten it plain with no seasonings at all or have made guacamole , a delicious mexican dip. As with many vegetables, I am always finding interesting ways to cook vegetables any new recipe with avocado gives me another reason to make use of it. As a regular follower of, I have adapted this recipe and it tasted just as the author has described it. I now agree with her and believe, avocados are not just for savory items, but also can be made and served  as desserts and I promise, you will not be able to tell if you have used avocados to make this mousse or have included the healthy coconut oil as well. It is one cool and creamy goodness and a pinch of salt has made the flavors pop in your mouth.


Avocado-1 ripe
Sea salt- a pinch
Coconut oil-1 tbs
Honey-as needed
Instant coffee powder-1 tsp
Dark Chocolate-2/3 cup, or of your choice
Pistachios-1 tbs, crushed


1. Melt and stir the chocolate, coconut oil, salt, coffee powder until smooth and creamy.

2. Cut the avocado into two halves and discard the seed and scoop out the flesh and use a whisk to blend it to a smooth paste.

3. Add the melted chocolate to the avocado and whisk until all the ingredients come together.

4. Pour the mixture into serving cups and garnish with crushed pistachios and serve chilled.

5. Enjoy!


  1. thanks for making the mousse. in fact this mousse is a regular dessert at home now.

  2. As salam aalaikum First time on your blog. Mashaa Allah everything looks sooo yummy in shaa Allah will try few recipes soon. Btw, whenever I go to india I always have avocado milkshake n it tastes yummy n this what I normally make at home.

  3. Wa alaikas salaam wa Rahmatullah Anonymous.

    I am so glad you liked my blog:) Do pop in again and leave me your comments again.

    Now, I have a new recipe to try, avocado milk shake insha Allah.


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