Date-Walnut Truffles

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

These healthy, vegan, walnut-date truffles are now my most favorite on my blog. Next time you want to grab a sugar-laden, unhealthy bite, stop and make these truffles and you will get  satiated minus the guilt. The coconut oil makes it slide down your throat without any effort. Any coconut lover will find it to be the ultimate dessert. Dates have a lot of health benefits and that's all the more a reason for me to whip them up.


Baking dates-2 cups
Raw Walnuts-1 cup , chopped into small pieces
Coconut Oil-2 tbs
Powdered coconut-2 tbs


1. Put the baking dates in a big bowl along with the chopped walnuts and coconut oil and mix well until all ingredients come together.

2. Take a small portion of the mixture and roll it between the palms of your hands until they form a round ball.

3. Roll the date ball in the coconut powder and let them get coated all over.

4. Gently place them onto a plate and serve.



1. I have used baking dates. If you dont find the baking ones, pit the dated yourself and pulse them in a food processor until they break apart and become lumpy.

2. Feel free to use shreeded coconut if you donot have powdered form and make sure it is unsweetened.


  1. I love these truffles and will be making them soon! So much healthier than chocolate ones!

  2. This is really nice and easy..we always eat dates and walnuts everyday as they are good for health..this will be a nice variation.

  3. Wow the truffles...gonna grab a few and throw them into my mouth now. Really tempting ya!!! :)

  4. what an easy recipe for truffle when one want to enjoy some sweet deliciousness in less time

  5. Oh they look scrumptious! I love truffles and my husband is addicted to them. Great idea with the coconut oil, now I just need to get some dates. ^.^

    Wish u a lovely weekend! =D


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