Yakhni Pulao

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Today, I was reunited with one of my closest friends after two and half years, Alhamdulillah! Amidst all those tears of happiness and catching up we did, I had very little time to cook food. I did not grab a bite from outside but, instead, decided to make Yakhni Pulao. It is a very flavorful and aromatic rice cooked in meat stock, with succulent and tender pieces of lamb meat. The best part of making this is, it is very easy to make. Oh yes, this recipe is adapted from www.desicookbook.com, and it is my favorite website because, it is associated with a lot of my memories of my initial days in my own kitchen:)


Lamb meat-1 lb( fat trimmed and washed)
Rice-3 cups(soaked for 1/2 an hour)
Water-7 cups
Oil-1/2 cup
Onions-1 large( fried until golden brown)
Ginger-garlic paste-2 tbs
Black cardamom-3
Green cardamom-4
Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Star anise-4
Cinnamon sticks-3
Fennel seeds-2 tsps


1. Pressure cook the lamb meat with all the water salt, spices and ginger garlic paste and when done, turn off the stove and set aside to cool.

2. Remove all the pieces of meat with a slotted spoon and set aside and drain the stock with a strainer and discard the spices.

3. Heat oil in a pot and fry the lamb meat until the pieces start to brown.

4. Pour the strained stock into the pot along with the soaked rice.

5. Cook on high flame until all the water gets absorbed.

6. Reduce the flame to a medium and secure the mouth of the pot with an aluminum foil and cover the pot with a tight fitting lid and cook for 7-8 minutes.

7. Transfer to a serving platter and garnish with fried onions and serve hot.

8. Enjoy!


  1. one of my fav pulaos. i usually make the veg yakhni for the pulao.

    1. I have never made the veg version but, I am sure it tastes as good.

  2. Congratulations on meeting up your friend! I'm sure you had great time over there.

    The pulao looks soooooooo mouthwatering. Wish I could have joined you...;)

  3. This was a hit in my house! Made it last night for dinner and my husband has been drooling about having the leftovers in lunch today. I made it with goat. I don't like or EVER eat goat, but the rice in this was so good I ate some of the meat, too. I've never made a pulao before and was nervous about trying the recipe. I made some minor changes (added chili powder, didn't have any black cardamon or anise and after frying onions, i added the meat and fried briefly, then added the water and rice- mine had less water left over from cooking the meat so i mostly slow cooked it for maybe 20 mins until it looked done). I was recently introduced to your blog and can't wait to try out more of your recipes! Jazakillah khair!


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