Tomato Chutney

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

This is a classic Hyderabadi Tomato Chutney.  It is tangy,  smooth, garlicky and flavorful, all in one place. Possibilities to serve are endless as it  can be served as a side-dish, chutney, dip, spread etc., It can be made and stored in the refrigerator for weeks and also lasts for three to four days at room temperature.


Tomatoes-4 large, cubed
Salt- to taste
Red pepper powder-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Ginger-garlic paste-2 tsps
Coriander powder-1 tbs
Oil-2 tbs

For tempering.,

Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Asafoetida-1/4 tsp
Curry leaves-as neded
Garlic-sliced-2 tbs


1. Heat oil in a pot and put the asafoetida, followed by mustard seeds and cumin seeds, garlic and curry leaves one after the other letting them sizzle briefly one at a time.

2. Put the cubed tomatoes in along with the ginger-garlic paste, salt, red pepper powder and turmeric powder and cook without a lid until the tomatoes become pulpy.

3. Reduce the heat and let the liquid dry up and the pulp gets thicker.

4. Take a wooden spoon and stir at regular intervals  until you see oil seperate from the chutney.

5.Sprinkle the coriander powder and mix it one last time and cook for two minutes.

6. Turn off the stove and transfer to a serving bowl.



  1. Love this chutney a lot,with chapathis..but I don't add coriander powder otherwise the same,Yummy tangy one!!

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  2. thanks family cook for all your kind wishes. i hope the existence is listening :-)

    tomato chutney is one chutney i never liked as a child. but now as an adult i do enjoy tomato chutney with idlis and dosa.

    i also feel you are doing nice photography these days. you should begin to take it more seriously if you want & if possible invest in a good dslr camera.

    1. Dassana, your comment comes at a time when I have just become the owner of a DSLR. But, that has opened a whole new are for learning for me-food styling! I am pressed for time when taking pics and the props become toys in the process. So, will have to be patient until I eventually learn to control all elements lol!

  3. wow... what a coincidence or may i say telepathy.

    the props are like toys and you keep them placing here & there till you get a composition you like :-)

    you can do minimal food styling... the way i shoot as i really do not have the time to go for extensive food styling. a simple food shot does wonders.

    but you will have to take out time to learn & explore the controls of the camera. best is when you start to manually take the pics. does wonders with the photographs.

    so do baby steps learning till you have learned many things. however there is always more & more to learn and improve in photography.

    1. That was wise and sound advice Dassana, thank you! Mmm, I was talking about toys the props become at the hands of my children:)

  4. thanks familycook.... the props will become toys even for you and obviously for your kids too:-)

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