Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Come on, tell me who can resist this bowl of flavorful and crunchy salad? This is a salad that catches my attention every time I go to a Mediterranean Restaurant or whenever I visit my Middle Eastern friends. It is a very crunchy and fresh salad. The  addition of olive oil and  lemon juice make the experience all the more better. Let me leave it to you to find out it's health benefits for yourself as this is going to be a quick post as I have a ton of things to take care of today:)


Parsely-1 bunch, (washed, patted dry and chopped finely)
Salt- to taste
Olive oil-a generous amount
Lemon juice-2 tbs
Cooked cracked wheat-2 tbs
Tomatoes-cut into tiny cubes


 Mix all the ingredients and chill a big bowl and chill before serving. Enjoy!


  1. I have been so busy lately ..been missing all the yummy recipes you're posting. This looks so refreshing.. I love parsley with anything!

    1. Thanks for your comment during your busy schedule. I wish you luck!


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