Green Mint Chutney

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

As a child, I noticed that something my my parents and brothers liked to eat, looked forward to eat and also felt accomplished after eating, were fresh vegetables. It did not make sense to me then and given my picky preferences, I cared very little for them. I don't know what changed that now, but I reach out for the salads first and then feel the same feeling my mom and dad did back then. Even now, when I am around them, they encourage me to include more raw vegetables in my diet. Mom was not interested in writing a recipe book or in blogging anyways, but, had one thing on her mind-feed her family the right food.

 She made this green minty chutney every time she laid her hands on fresh mint and cilantro. Like everyone who feel the connection between smells and memories, I travel back in my world of memories to Mom's kitchen every time I smell these greens. She would be cooking food and we would hear the chopping, cutting, and also smelling good food in the backdrop while we were busy toiling away amidst our books. Mom would then call all of us to the dining table to serve us food. Dad, would quickly wrap up his office work he was finishing up at home, by putting away those crisp sheets of paper that had the most intricate designs of the Oil manufacturing factories all hand-drawn by him back into his briefcase which was so organized. I have seen it's contents., the files, eraser, ruler, tracing papers, sheets of paper, calculator, carbon paper etc precisely  in their specific spots all my life. We kids, enjoyed taking a peek every time we walked by him or came to him to let him know mamma was calling him for dinner. Every time, the inside of the briefcase looked untouched.....

Back to the chutney,  I recreate  it now in my own kitchen, while my children are too little to appreciate those smells and tastes now,  I am hopeful their picky preferences will change and they will like to eat all the healthy foods that are good for them:)

You may serve this chutney as a dip or a spread. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and try it and you will love it.


Fresh mint leaves-1 cup packed, washed
Fresh cilantro (coriander) leaves-1 cup packed, washed
Lemon juice-2 tbs
Ginger-garlic paste-1/2 tsp(fresh)
Green pepper-as desired
Salt- to taste


1. Blend all ingredients together into a fine paste.

2. Transfer to a serving bowl.

3. Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful childhood memories.. really enjoyed reading it. I love this chutney with samosas and bhajiyas (pakoras). Thanks for sharing.

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