Savory Mango Drink

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Every Summer Break, Mom would be boiling raw mangoes in a steel pot and somehow turn it into a light green colored drink and made sure we drank it. It was specifically meant for my brother A, who was never found inside the house and was always busy in his own world of adventures and was caught playing Cricket and dreaming of becoming the Captain of the Indian Cricket team in sweltering heat of the Summer, while God had destined him to be a Gold Medalist in his education and a very successful Engineer in his career.

I for sure, never quite understood the benefits of drinking this juice and thought it was only for naughty boys who played in the hot sun and therefore, chose not to drink it. Now I realize that raw Mango is packed with vitamin C, iron, is great for sore throat, improves memory etc.,

I went ahead and paired it with  one of my favorite ingredients to increase the goodness., lemongrass. For those of you who do not know what it is, it looks like grass and smells like lemon:) If you ever want to plant it in your own kitchen garden, and you are in India, it is widely available in Nurseries and for those of you in the US, lemongrass stalks can be found at Asian/ Chinese Grocery Stores in the produce aisle. You should bring it home and let it's ends soak in a cup of clean cold water for three days and  you will  spot tiny roots on the soaking ends. At this point,  transfer them to a pot of nutritious soil and keep the pot  outside in direct sunlight. In about a week, you will see new leaves grow through the old stalks.  In Winters, you may bring it inside the house and place it in a well-lit area as it dies in frosty conditions.

Okay, back to this gorgeous drink. It is fragrant, a little tart and a little sweet. And when served chilled, you will be left asking for more. Do try it at home and if you do not have lemongrass, you may want to substitute it with  a pinch of cardamom powder.


Raw Mangoes-2, washed and peeled
Lemongrass-a handful
Salt- to taste
Sugar-to taste
Water-1/2 gallon


1. Put the peeled mangoes along with the lemongrass into a big stainless steel pot and bring it to a rolling boil.

2. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

3. Turn off the stove and let it cool completely.

4. Squeeze the pulp from the mango and discard the stone.

5. Strain it with a kitchen strainer.

6. Add the sugar and the salt and give it a good stir.

7. Chill in the refrigerator and pour into tall glasses and serve.



  1. I always like the raw mango juice with salt and the addition of lemon grass..

  2. Again a great post!!! I bought a green mango with the intention of making Aab Shola (that's what we call it) WAllah and I had it in my upcoming posts line up. But my post couldn't have been better than yours :) Really informative. This drink is popular in my family too! Never had it with lemongrass though ..really impressive.

    1. Aww, that would have been so cool if we blogged about it together:) Do make it and post the recipe and I am sure it will be slightly different. Love your Blog to the bits. It is so versatile. I wish I had the time to write about the many different things other than cooking:)

    2. Thank you for your encouraging words Familycook! I love your blog and your recipes too. I forgot to mention that I tried your Andhra Chicken Pulao and it turned out delicious! Your recipes are always very unique and you post recipes that other bloggers seldom blog about.

      Although I love food and cooking, and have been doing it for many years, I believe blogging about it is one of the hardest types of blogging. Remembering/writing/photographing/explaining the methodology of what goes into a recipe is not always the easiest thing to do. Not to mention it's so time-consuming, and so I do it only a handful times a month :D I have high regard for bloggers who post exclusively about food. I commend your hard work! :)

    3. SproutsofSpring, Thanks for being a loyal follower and commenting on my posts. I began as a very naive blogger with basic skills of photography. In about a year, i have learnt a lot and come a long way. Remember your passion is what makes anything worthwhile. You are doing a great job!

      Other than blogging, I have many more things I am passionate about but, they are on the backburner right now because of some commitments. Lets keep blogging and inspiring each other. Thank you my friend:)

  3. i have raw mangoes and all i was thinking was to make aam panna of them. i have so many pickles that i dare not make any mango pickles now..

    this post has brought a new dimension to the aam panna by adding lemon grass... wow...

    i have so much of lemon grass growing in pots. today all i wanted to do was to search on lemon grass recipes on google.

    your post has saved that... :-)


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