Eggplant in Thick Mango Gravy

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Eggplant was one vegetable that made me wonder why people even ate it. Posts like these are sure to make my Mom smile, because any amount of coaxing me to eat it was futile. Now, as an adult, I can give innumerable reasons to my children to eat anything they hate to eat. Plus, try to give the things they hate different shape and appearance when serving. Eggplants can taste too bland if not cooked using the right spices and ingredients. In this curry, the eggplant gives up its blandness and adopts the tang from the mango.


Eggplants-5-6 small ones, cut into desired sized pieces
Salt-to taste
Red Pepper powder-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Raw Mango-1, peeled an ground to a fine paste
Fresh coconut-1 tbs, {grated and ground with the mango}
Oil--2 tbs
Onions-1/2 sliced
Ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp
cilantro leaves-as desired


1. Heat a tsp of oil in a pot and saute the eggplant until they get brown specks and set aside.

2. Heat the remaining oil and saute the onions until they turn brown.

3.Put the ginger-garlic paste and stir until it turns brown.

4. Now, add the mango-coconut paste, salt, red pepper powder, turmeric powder and the sauteed eggplants and give it a stir.

5. Cook with a lid on medium heat for 10 minutes.

6. When done and you see the gravy get thicker and oil seperating itself, transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with cilantro leaves.

7. Enjoy!


  1. masha`allah ... interesting ... not sure if this would go down in my home but i can only try ...maybe in a small amount to see how it goes

    1. I think we Indians are likely to like tangy curries:) Wish you could eat it at my home:)

  2. I have eggplants sitting in my fridge. I usually make baigan ka bhurta and a vegetable curry with eggplants other veggies. This will be a good change. Thanks for sharing

    1. Love your consistent comments. Thanks know how it keeps you going:)


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