Arabic Tea

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

As a child, I despised drinking tea. Any kind of tea, Indian or otherwise. However, I did force myself to gulp down some strong tea after cooling it down completely, when studying for my finals while doing my Masters. Since my system was not used to drinking it, it did keep me awake all night and also never felt sleepy even during the day:) Just a couple years later, I was advised to drink tea against my wishes to keep migraines away. Since then, I drink a cup of Indian chai in the morning to be able to keep going for the rest of the day without a headache:)


Water- a large teapot full
Loose tea leafs-2 tsps
Dried sage-1 tbs


1. Bring the water in the teapot to a rolling boil.

2.Put the tea leaves into the teapot and cover the lid for one minute.

3. Turn off the stove and add the sage leaves and cover the lid again and leave it for a few minutes.

4. Use a strainer and strain the tea into cups and enjoy!


  1. Ahhh what a great post! It brings back wonderful memories from my childhood in Saudi Arabia. When we lived there my dad used to have this tea every single day (now he has transitioned to doodh ki chai). I would force my parents to give me sips..i don't know why, but as a child I loved to get sips of tea from elders in my family lol. Interestingly, I didn't grow up to be a tea-drinker. My dad had this with sugar, even though it tastes absolutely yummy w/out it. My dad would give us this tea if we got sick with the cold. Amazing health benefits.

    1. SproutsofSpring, I am glad you my post recalled those good old memories:)

      As a child, I asked dads for bites from his plate too not tea.

      On a side note, this black sage infused tea does work great with colds.

      Your comment made me HAPPY!

  2. I ove tea especially milk tea :) This looks very interesting!!

    1. If you like tea, you will love this black tea. Just make sure you have some sage at hand:)

  3. i too have migraine and the day i don't have tea... gone... i have worst headaches that lasts for 2-3 days.

    so i make it a point to have ginger tea without fail everyday. ginger helps in reducing the migraine pain.

    the color of the tea in the first pic is looking so good.

    1. Yep, mine gets that bad too. How do you use the ginger? I have used it to treat colds and see instant results. Tell me about how I can keep the migraines from recurring.

  4. just grate the ginger or crush the ginger in mortar-pestle. then in water add the ginger and boil till the water starts getting the aroma of ginger approx 4-5 minutes.

    then add sugar and tea leaves. simmer till the water changes color. i keep my tea very light. if you want a strong tea than simmer for more time.

    i add about 1 inch ginger to 2 cups tea. if you make the concoction correctly, the tea has a pretty strong gingery taste.

    add milk and give a boil for a few minutes. strain while serving. if using cashew milk than remove the pan from the fire and then add cashew milk. stir, strain and serve.

    you can add some mint or tulsi leaves also. both help in keeping the digestive system good. tulsi is very very good. also some fennel/saunf is excellent. sometimes i also add cloves, cinnamon or cinnamon powder, elaichi to the boiling water.

  5. doing some light yoga exercises also help in keeping the migraines at bay. meditations also help.

    walking is very good. especially walking on a dew drops laden grass in the early morning with bare feet. the grass blades touch the feet on the pressure points and subtly does acupressure work without even you knowing it.

    drink lots of water. eat food or a light snack after every 1 or 2 hours. if i don't eat after 2 hours... the migraine starts giving hints.

    keep your system clean. drink juices, smoothies and detoxify your system.

    this things really help and keep the migraines away.

  6. Whoaa Dassana.

    That was a great advice and great tips. I know on the back of my mind that these things are beneficial but, in the rush of daily life, I have to helplessly depend on painkillers:( however, I will now try to do the morning walks and also the ginger tea. Thank you so much!


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