Indian Lemonade with Basil seeds

Bismillahir Rahmanir raheem

Long ago, when the weather was still predictable, Summers, Winters and Monsoons came on time. I loved each season for a reason. Summers for eating ice-creams, Winters to cozy up and wear extra layers and Monsoons to get wet in the rain.

Out of all the seasons, for us kids Summer was the most favorite mainly we children were off School for the Summer and It was the hottest time of the year, (although not as hot as it gets in Texas). Even if the days were hot, evenings were cool and breezy.  It was a time to relax and play and have fun all day and in between eat ice-creams and drink lemonades. Nothing could beat the heat like a cold glass of lemonade. I tried to recreate this lemonade in my own kitchen and thought I could share the recipe with you.


  • Lemon juice-1/2 cup
  • Sugar or honey-to taste
  • Cold Water-4-5 cups
  • Salt-a pinch
  • Basil seeds- 1 tbs(soaked in 1/2 cup of water for 10 minutes)
  • Mint Leaves-a few
  • Lemon slices-to garnish


1.In a big pitcher, pour water, lemon juice, sugar, basil seeds and salt and give it a good stir until the sugar gets dissolved.

2.Taste a few drops of the lemonade and add more sugar if needed. Pour into tall glasses. Garnish with mint leaves and sliced lemons and serve. Enjoy!


  1. Lovely presentation. Are these the same ones used to make rooh afza (sabzay ke beej)? If yes, I never knew they were actually basil seeds!

    1. Yes, they are the sabzay ke beej and they are basil seeds:)

  2. in summers along with the nimbu pani, we would have rose sherbet. in the rose sherbet we would put the soaked sabza... this was one of my favorite drinks in summer.

    also i would love the falooda and kulfi that we would have so much in the summers.

    1. Dassana, the rose sharbath with soaked sabza sounds so cooling to the body and mind.I would love to try it one day!


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