Tangy Mango Daal

Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem

I have mentioned in my earlier posts, how daal( lentil soup) is a must-have item on my table at every meal. I therefore, try to make changes to my recipes and make use of different kinds of to add variety and choice every time I cook.

A tangy daal is loved by all at home and is absolutely delicious. The tang here is from raw mango. The lentils i have used are the red ones. Feel free to substitute with lentils of your choice. It is going to taste delicious when done:)


Red lentils:1 cup
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Green pepper-4-6
Raw mango-1, peeled and chopped
Salt-to taste
Water-3 cups

For tempering:

Oil-2 tsps
Garlic-2 pods thinly sliced
Cumin seeds-1tsp

Method: boil together the lentils, chopped mango, turmeric powder, green peppers until soft. Let it cool loan a little bit and use an immersion blender to blend it until you are left with a soup of desired consistency. Add salt and bring the soup to a boil. Transfer to a serving bowl. Heat oil in a small pan and add the cumin seeds and let them turn brown and add the garlic next and sauté until you see the turn golden brown. Turn the stove off and carefully pour the tempering onto the daal in the bowl and serve. Enjoy!

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