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Poha is a savory snack made with beaten rice flakes. This easily digestible raw form of rice is made in a lot of different ways and goes by different names in different parts of India. Most popular way of making it is by moistening or soaking the beaten rice and steaming it after seasoning. This is the one of the savory snacks I make for breakfasts over the weekends, and while I eat it with some sugar sprinkled over it, the rest of them eat it with plain yogurt:) 


Poha( beaten rice)- 3-4 cups
Sat-to taste
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Green peppers-3, chopped
Curry leaves-8-10
Cilantro- a handful,chopped
Peanuts-1/2 cup, shallow fried
Onions-1/2, chopped
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp

Method: Use a colander and quickly wash the beaten rice, press down with the hand and set aside to drain completely. When drained, sprinkle salt,  turmeric powder, chopped cilantro, and green pepper and mix well.

 Heat oil in a big pot, pop in the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and wait for them to sizzle and pop. Put the curry leaves and after a brief second,  tip in the mixture of the beaten rice. Give it a stir and let it cook on high heat for two minutes. Cover with a lid and lower the heat to a medium and cook until you see the steam escapes form the pot. Turn off the stove, transfer to a serving bowl, garnish with the peanuts and serve. Enjoy!


  1. I love this style of poha,looks very delicious.

  2. delicious looking poha for anytime

  3. Mouth watering....


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