Peanut Chutney-2

Bismilahir Rahmanir Raheem

I made this peanut chutney with a slight variation in ingredients and the result was great.  Each bite made the flavors burst in the mouth and it is a perfect accompaniment with a slightly milder main meal.


Peanuts- 2 cups(roasted)
Dry red chillies-5(roasted)
salt-to taste
tamarind pulp-1/2 cup
water- as required

for tempering.,

oil-1 tbs
cumin seeds-1 tsp
curry leaves-5-8
Urad daal-1 tsp


1.Grind the peanuts,  red chillies, salt, and the pulp until they turn into one smooth mixture. 

2. Add water to get the desired consistency.

3.  Transfer to a serving bowl.

4.  Heat oil in a saute pan and add cumin seeds and the urad daal, when they sizzle and crackle, put the curry leaves in and wait for a few seconds. 

5. When the leaves get fried, turn the stove and pour the tempering on over the chutney. Enjoy!


  1. Salaams sis! I'm in shock, I've missed out on so many recipes! I really wish your blog was with wordpress, so I can always stay updated! Your pictures keep getting prettier post by post, and the recipes keep their same level of deliciousness (don't think you can get any better!)

    I want to go back and read all the recipes I missed out on! Was a busy week at uni, alhamdulilah, making the most of it, insha Allah! :)

    1. Fati, Wish I blogged at Wordpress. You can still be updated with blogger. Enter your email address at the bottom of the page and it will send you updates insha Allah.

  2. my mother makes sesame chutney exactly like this peanut chutney, but she uses kashmiri red chilies and adds an extra. the result is a red and a little fiery chutney.

    in the tempering you have added urad dal too... right? thats what i can see in the pic.

    1. Thanks Dassana, I am sure I missed the urad daal.... Will update it right now

  3. this chutney looking hot n delicious.........loved the presentation....can feel the taste as well...hmmmm..yumyumm....


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