Salsa in Molcajete

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I am very happy that I made salsa in a traditional Mexican grinding stone called "Molcajete". It is the similar version of the mortar and pestle we find in India, with a little difference in the way it is shaped and has three legs to stand on and the stone is porous, unlike the had non-porous one in India. The salsa I made here has an azazing texture and a unique flavor. The fact that I roasted the ingredients has given it a earthy and smokey flavor. However, red, tomatoes on the vine are necessary ingredient to make the best salsa. Here's how I made it.


Red tomatoes-4
green peppers-4
garlic pods-4 salt- to taste
oil-1 tsp
cilantro leaves- to garnish

Method: Heat a saute pan and pour in the oil. Toss in the tomatoes, peppers and garlic and roast them until they get black specks on themand also turn soft. Turn off the stove and gring the ingredients with salt until you reach the desired consistency. When all the ingredients come together add the chopped cilantro and serve. Enjoy!

Do tell me if you own a Molcajete too and share with me about how you make use of it!


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