Methi gosht

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

It's that time of the year again, when fresh fenugreek leaves are found abundantly. I love to use them in almost everything I cook as they impart a very strong, earthy flavor. I made methi-gosht with succulent lamb meat for lunch on a weekend and it turned out to be one colorful and comforting curry. I served it on the side with  palak waali daal and plain white rice.

lamb meat-1 lb
onions-2 small, sliced
tomatoes-2, cubed
salt- to taste
turmeric powder-1 tsp
red pepper powder-1 tsp
oil-2 tbs
fresh fenugreek leaves-2 cups, washed and chopped

Heat oil in a pressure cooker and saute onions until they turn brown and the ginger-garlic paste followed by the meat, salt, pepper powder, tomatoes, turmeric powder and give it a good stir and pressure cook until you think the meat is tender. Turn off the stove. After all the pressure settles, take the lid off and turn the stove on, on a high heat. Add the fenugreek leaves and cook until all the liquid evaporates and oil seperates from the not-so-thick gravy. Reduce the heat to the lowest at this point and cook for 5-8 minutes. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve hot. Enjoy!


  1. Just bump on your blog and just loved it. Pl. bring more family recipes. Best wishes to you and your blog.


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