Kashk e Bademjaan

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I love Persian food a lot. It is very flavorful and nutritious. Kashk-e-bademjaan transforms a humble eggplant into a fabulous dip, that tastes the best with fresh, hot pita bread. 


Eggplant-1 big,(washed, sliced, and soaked in salt water for an hour)
garlic pods-3
salt-to taste
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
oil-2-3 tbs
onion-1 large, finely sliced
fresh mint leaves--!/2 cup, washed (to garnish)
kashk-2 tbs( I made my own kashk at home)
water-1/2 cup


Heat oil in a pot and fry onions until they turn golden brown and set aside. In the same pot, fry the slices of eggplant until they turn nice and brown. Put back the onions back into the pot and pour water, add salt, garlic, and turmeric and cover with a lid. Cook until soft. Let it cool and puree it with a hand blender until soft and smooth. Pour it into a serving plate and pour athe kashk and garnish with chopped mint leaves. Enjoy!

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