Baba Ghannouj

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

This was the first time I made baba ghannouj at home and it tasted better than the one at restaraunts. I used sesame oil to drizzle instead of olive oil for a change:) Here's how I made it..


Eggplant(Aubergine)- I medium 
salt-to taste
garlic pods-2 
lemon juice-2 tbs
red pepper powder-1/4 tsp
oil- 2-3 tbs

Method: Wash the Eggplant and cut it into thin slices and soak then in salted water for 5-6 minutes. Heat a pan, pour half the oil and lay the slices carefully and roast them on both sides until soft or slightly brown in color. Remove from the stove, set aside to cool. When cooler, blend the rest of the ingredients with the sliced eggpplant until smoth and creamy. Pour the pureed eggplant onto a plate and drizzle some sesame oil and sprinkle the pepper powder. Enjoy!

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