Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I have heard my friends say that they love to eat idlis but cannot make them. Making  Idlis and dosas,  is what requires you to  use the right proportion of ingredients and also get the right technique to make them right. There are many variations to making idlis using many different ingredients. However, this is the right recipe to begin with and enjoy before you play with the ingredients. You will have to start preparing 12 hrs before you want to eat them and I typically start soaking and stuff a night before the next breakfast. And, , you would need an idli mould to make idlis.


Idli Rava( cream of rice)-2 cups
urad daal-1 cup, picked and washed
Water- 1/2-3/4 cup
salt-to taste
cooked rice- 1 cup

Method: Soak the daal and the idli rava seperately for two hours. After two hrs, drain the water from the daal and grind it to a fine paste along with the cooked rice. Make sure you use enough water to grind the daal and the batter should be thick and not flowy. Squeeze out the water from idli rava and mix it with the ground daal and stir until both get incoporated well. Cover it with a lid and set aside for atleast 10 hrs and let it ferment. The next morning, add 4 cups of water to a large pot with a lid and set to boil. Meanwhile, grease the idli mold and pour the batter in each depression, just enough to fill it. Place the mold into the pot of boiling water and let it steam for atleast ten minutes. After ten minutes, remove the mold carefully from the pot and set aside for two minutes and remove each idli with a small round spoon and serve with coconut chutney. Enjoy!


  1. So this may sound like a silly question, but got any creative idli-mold alternatives?

  2. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah.

    No, this is not silly at all. When you make idlis using an idli mold,you are basically steaming them and they get steamed better through the little holes the mold has. If you donot have an idli mold, make sure you grease the surface of whatever you want to steam them in and use a steaming basket and steam the idlis just the way you would steam vegetables. let me know how it goes:)

  3. Walaikum Salaam...hmm, my mom has said about the same thing but I just don't feel like they're idli unless its the familiar little round shapes! Think its time I get one insha'allah :)

  4. Assalamualaikum.

    We have had the pleasure of eating your dosa & chutney and they tasted yummy :) My husband is very fond of idlis and I'll definitely try this recipe. Insha'allah!

    I must say your blog has a very good collection of home made recipes masha'allah. Very helpful for people new to cooking.


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