Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I believe, Hyderabadi Biryani is the most popular biryani in the whole World. It is cooked with marinated meat and basmati rice, half-boiled with fragrant spices . It is best cooked on stove with the lid of the bowl sealed with dough. But, my way of baking it in the oven gives me the results which is very close to being cooked in the traditional way. My pictures prove this fact:) 

(I have to mention that I use the Zafrani Reserve Basmati rice, that I get from the Indian Grocers that make the grains of rice turn out perfect-not too soft and not too hard.)


To marinate the meat...

Lamb meat-2 lbs
salt to taste
ginger-garlic paste-1 1/2 tbs
garam masala( 6 cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and few pieces of mace)- roughly 1 tbs
green chillies-4, mint leaves-1 cup, cilantro-1 cup (to be ground to a fine paste )
yogurt- 1 1/2 cup, beaten
onions- 2 medium, finely sliced and fried till golden brown, removed from oil
Oil- 1 cup ( half to be used to marinate the meat and half set aside for the end)

Long grain  Basmati Rice- 6 cups
salt-1 tbs 
water-enough  to boil rice and drain
cinnamom-5 1 inch pieces
cardamom-4-6 pieces
caraway seeds-1 tsp

Milk 1/2 cup
saffron strands-3/4 tsp ( boil milk with the saffron and set aside )

Method: Begin with slicing the onions and frying them until they turn golden brown and remove from oil and set them aside. 

Trim fat from the meat , wash well and put it into a colander and let all the water drain. Add ginger-garlic paste and mix well.  Put the salt, garam  masala, ground greens and mix well. Put all the fried onions, half of the oil and the yogurt and mix well and let it marinate for three hours. 

Two hours before you want the Biryani to be ready, soak rice in cold water for 30 minutes, preheat the Oven to 500 deg F and set a pot of water to boil. Add the spices and  the salt. Add the soaked rice to the boiling water and let it boil for 6-8 minutes. While the rice is boiling, grease an Aluminum pan or a Turkey Roaster with oil and put the marinating meat into it. Turn off the stove and drain all the water from the rice using a colander and pour the boiled rice over the meat. Pour the remaining oil all over the rice ans also sprinkle the saffron infused milk over the rice. Seal the pan securely with a heavy duty aluminum foil and then place the lid, if using the turkey roaster. Carefully put the pan into the oven and bake at 500 deg F for 30 minutes. Reduce the heat to 400 deg F and cook for 30 minutes and then turn off the oven and let it sit there for 20 more minutes before you serve. Enjoy!

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  1. Your lamb biryani looks sensational! I wish I could have it for lunch and dinner, lol!

  2. Assalamualaikum.. it’s hard to believe but true being an Indian.. i really forgot that real taste of birayani..This blog is the best thing happened to me...and I believe i'll get the same taste through the recipe..Thanks.

  3. Asa Mainu. I am truly honored by your comments and visit to my blog. Please drop by again soon...

  4. Wow! My mom is a Hydrabadi - she cooks Hydrabdi Biryani all them time- I have read many recipes which never come close to hers...but yours was it! It looks great! I am sure it tastes great too! Thanks ...I think I will finally try it myself!

  5. Asa Habibty. I love this beryani! This is the only recipe I have been using for this dish. It is a simple one to prepare but so complex in taste. I had the honor to learn the method from the source ;) JAK. I enjoy visiting and learning so much from here. Excellent blog, mashaAllah. Love you much and looking forward to this Wednesday!

  6. Doesn't meat need any tenderizer, i do this the same way with the chicken but if i had to cook on gas will it be the same time, waiting for ur reply :)

  7. Mariam, thanks for dropping by:)

    I buy very tender lamb meat and it doesn't require the use of tenderizer. If you feel the meat you are using is not so tender, marinate it overnight in the refrigerator.

    The procedure would be the same and you would have to cook on high heat on a stove for ten-twelve minutes first and reduce to medium and cook for twenty minutes and cook on low for another 10 minutes.

    I suggest you try the stove-top method with Chicken first and then with lamb. Tell me how it goes.

  8. already tried the chicken version, my family loves it but never tried with mutton

  9. @Mariam, I am glad it came out well. Do try it with meat:)

  10. As salaamu alaikum. Just a couple questions: When you say garam masala, do you mean whole or powdered? Can I leave out the milk and yogurt, and replace with something else as I have intolerance to cows milk? I usually put a bit of vinegar or lemon juice in my recipes which call for yogurt, but I'm not sure what would be best as far as the milk? Maybe coconut milk? Jazaakillahu khairan. :)

  11. Wa alaikas salaam wa Rahmatullah Aisha

    Yes, the garam masala is powdered. You might want to add tomatoes in place of yogurt. It will serve the purpose. It will add to the thick gravy and also the tartness.

    Also, this will be a a new twist with tomatoes and I would love to try it. Tell me how yours turns out:)

  12. Baraak Allahu feeki! I will let you know how it turns out, in sha Allah.

  13. I tried this..it turned out amazing alhamdulillah.

    1. I am glad you did and liked it:) thank you!


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