Dill curry

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

It was a dill day today at my home:) I cooked rice with dill leaves and dill leaves with soaked tur dal.

Dill seeds or leaves are known to have a lot of health benefits including anti- microbial, anti-oxidant, cholesterol lowering, gastric protection and more. 

This is a flavorful, dry curry which can be served with plain rotis or with plain old daal- chaawal. This is how my grandmothers and my mother make it...


Tur daal- 1/4 cup, soaked in cold water for 30 minutes
dill leaves- 2 cups, washed and chopped finely
salt- to taste
onion- 1 small, finely sliced
green chillies-3-4 finely chopped
oil2 tbs
water 1 cup
garlic-4 pods, sliced

Method: Mix the dill leaves, sliced onions, salt, green chillies, garlic, soaked daal with hand and set aside. Heat oil in a pot and put the mixture into the hot oil and add water. Cook until the daal gets soft, and the water dries up. Turn off the stove, transfer  to a serving bowl. Enjoy!

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